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A Documentary crew follows Thumbwrestling’s biggest event in what might be it’s final year. 5 years after the villainous Mr. Venom defeated Papa Brussel by thumb submission, it is now Papa Brussel’s sons who must fight through the ranks of some of the best thumb wrestlers in the world for their chance at dethroning the champ, revitalizing the sport, and restoring the Brussel legacy.



  • as Nathaniel Brussel
    Jared Winkler
  • as Connor Brussel
    Rob Colletti
  • as Molt
    Enrico Natale
  • as Mr. Venom
    Bert Belasco
  • as Kenny Brussel
    Nathan Caywood
  • as Geri McFlem
    Debra Wilson
  • as El Luchador
    Daniel Luján
  • as Chaz Cola
    Brian Wohl
  • as Cosmo
    mike anaya
  • as Carl
    Jeff Blum
  • as Michael Lazerpool
    Keith Habersberger
  • as The Untouchable
    Jason Carpenter
  • as Suzy / Suzzette
    Amy Vorpahl
  • as Samantha Wellington
    Clare Niederpruem
  • as Diana
    malorie mackey
  • as Denise
    pamela horton
  • as Richard Wellington
    Maclain Nelson
  • as Thumb Punch
    Kenny Leu
  • as Nilsson Ovërgartten
    Quinton Flynn
  • as Mr. Vampiro
    nick cardiff
  • as Jakob Rozenbaum
    Malcolm Danare
  • as Pinkus Zilberger
    eddie jemison
  • as The Bro
    Zack Matzganis
  • as Sergeant America
    john hennigan
  • as The Mad Russian
    gregory lee kenyon
  • as The Bear
    damian king


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